Blog Post from May 16, 2017
Personalize content to viewers in front of your existing digital signage displays

Sophatar's contextual and proximity digital signage solution will be on display at the booth of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

Our teams worked to integrate Comtech's hybrid location solution with the Sophatar platform.

Comtech's core solution uses a variety of readily-available RF signals (cellular,Wi-Fi) for position detection and thus does not require the installation ofitional beacons. At the show there will be an announcement of an addtional component to increase the accuracy of indoor position detection to better than 1 meter.

The integration with Sophatar means that it is now possible to immediately drive digital signage screens based on individuals' locations. Applications are many, and include digital displays on retail store shelves that change their content based on who is standing in front of them. Or in an enterprise environment: digital displays that show relevant information, such as equipment manuals on a factory floor, when specific personnel is near.

The Sophatar solution offers scheduling and campaign management to target digital signage to specific individuals when they are detected within viewing range of a display; offers usage analytics, messaging and chat functionality; and can drive digital signage content based on machine learning. Our software is compatible with leading brands of digital signage media player devices.>you're at IoT World, please stop by Comtech booth #820 for a live demo that shows the integration of both platforms.

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