Support Post from October 14, 2019

BrightSign media player integration

With BrightSign media players we offer dynamically loaded playlist-based presentations with additional interactive content that can be updated from our web-based CMS (content management system). For this to work you do NOT need to subscribe to BSN (BrightSign Network) or BSN-Cloud.

Instead we provide a Sophatar-authored BrightSign presentation which serves as a 'presentation template' and requests autonomously all its A/V content directly from the Sophatar servers. The same template can be used on different media players as it is parameterized via BrightSign "user variables" to only play the content that is setup on the Sophatar CMS for that particular player.

Via the Sophatar CMS you can setup unique A/V content for every player that runs the presentation template. A/V content can be set to automatically play based on a playlist, and/or can be configured to play as triggered content based on the proximity of ProxiScreen users. A playlist can be unique per media player or shared between a number of media players.

All A/V content can be dynamically updated via the Sophatar web app, for both playlist content as well as triggered content. You could have the same content between both, or have unique content that can only be requested from the mobile app.

This approach has the following advantages:

  • content can be uploaded on Sophatar CMS, and is dynamically updated on both signage and ProxiScreen mobile app with the mobile app showing a thumbnail image for each campaign that can be triggered so both are kept in sync
  • can be integrated into any 'higher level' CMS that can play BrightSign presentations
  • no subscription cost for BSN
  • basic device monitoring available from Sophatar web app: as each player pings Sophatar servers periodically, we receive confirmation that a player is both networked and running the presentation template thus serving as proof-of-play. Therefore we can also issue a warning when no pings are received from player(s) as this will signal it at going offline and maybe also no longer playing the presentation.

We offer example BrightAuthor presentations that serve as presentation templates. These are then parameterized so they will dynamicallly request A/V content from the Sophatar backend. You can customize these example templates to fit your screen layouts. We have versions for both touchscreen displays, and regular (non-touch) displays.

Contact for more info.