Mobile passes that can be personalized and proximity enabled on both Android and IOS devices, all without requiring a mobile app. Remind customers when they come near your place of business with a personalized offer and refresh it at any time with an instant mobile notification. All with rich native mobile content; not just SMS.
And did we say it yet? No mobile app install required!


    Support for both coupons & loyalty.
    Loyalty supports flexible number of points per redeem based on actual dollars spent.
    Unlimited number of campaigns - great for A/B testing & resellers!
    Unlimited number of campaign updates & push notifications.
    Location-triggered notifications based on geo-fence and/or beacons
    Native IOS & Android wallet passes that work without app install.
    A single campaign works on both Android and IOS.
    Full analytics via our integrated web dashboard: installs, uninstalls, place & time of redeems, etc.
    Optionally obtain customer info (name, phone#, email) before issuing pass.
    Support for updating a single pass to personalize content per customer.
    FREE IOS mobile app for retailer to redeem passes via barcode scan. Download from app store
    FREE SMS phone# in your area code to distribute passes.
    Combine with SuperReceipt to offer personalization; and with ProxiScreen to promote campaigns on your digital signage.
*Free SMS line for US only, extra phone line charge for international numbers; SMS usage charges apply


Use our complimentary IOS app for in-store redeems of coupons & loyalty passes. For loyalty, you can add a programmable number of points with each redeem, e.g. 1 point for every dollar spent.

Just scan the QR code on the pass your customer presents, and the pass ID, and the time & place of the redeem is automatically recorded and available in your analytics dashboard.

To associate each redeem with an employee, you can optionally configure the app to require a valid PIN before a pass can be redeemed. Create and delete valid PIN's from your web login.



Via your login to our website you can create ProxiPass campaigns for coupons & loyalty programs, event tickets etc. Upload images and enter the text that shows on the pass. We support complete programmability of all front- and backside textfields supported by Android and IOS.

When you create the campaign, we create a unique web link. Promote this link to your customer base via your website, mobile ads, or a dedicated local SMS number that we setup for you in your area code included in your subscription.

When your customers click the web link from an iPhone or Android phone, a mobile pass is installed in the device's mobile wallet (Apple Pay or Google Wallet). These apps are resident on every phone, customers do not need to install them. They function merely as repositories for wallet passes; no credit card needs to be stored for ProxiPass to work.

Via our website you can update your ProxiPass campaigns at any time. This will update all issued, and future, passes of that campaign. You can enter GPS coordinates and/or beacon areas where you want ProxiPasses to trigger mobile notifications.

Each ProxiPass can have a unique barcode and we offer a complimentary mobile app for the retailer to redeem passes via barcode scan.

To system integrators we also offer all functionality as an API to create, update & redeem ProxiPasses, and gather complete analytics associated with a campaign.




  • 200 active mobile passes
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited pass updates
  • Location triggered push notifications
  • Free mobile app to redeem passes
  • Local SMS phone# for customer onboarding
  • Individualized pass analytics
ProMost popular


  • All of starter features
  • 1000 active mobile passes
  • Large volumes
  • Term contracts
  • Integrate into your coupon/loyalty program via our API for pass creation, redeem & analytics


ProxiPass is an easy to deploy solution (no physical cards or mobile app required) for event tickets, coupons or loyalty.
We only charge you based on success: the number of passes customers install across all your campaigns. We do not charge per campaign, or per update.

We offer a feature set that has been honed from real-world scenarios, and complimentary services (redeem app, dedicated SMS phone#, ...) that allow you to roll-out & administer the program easily, and maximize its value.

And when you're ready to step up, only Sophatar can deliver effortless integration wtih sales receipt analytics for personalized promotions (SuperReceipt bundle), referral promotions (ProxiHost bundle), and digital signage promotion (ProxiScreen bundle) to get maximum value from ProxiPass.