ProxiScreen turns your existing digital displays or projectors into visual personalized experiences your visitors can interact with via their own mobile phone. We do that by detecting which smartphones are within viewing range and automatically connecting them to your web-enabled displays, or media players driving those displays.

We can automatically change what is shown on your displays based on who is detected within viewing range. Also visitors can see the available A/V content for the screen, and select it from their phone. Their phone becomes a remote control. No connection to a local WiFi is needed; it works immediately based on proximity.

As visitors move around they see the available content change on their phone based on the display they're closest to, and the content you programmed for each screen in our web-based digital signage CMS. Each screen can have unique interactive content. Customers just tap on their phone to start playback on the digital signage display of the content they're interested in.

ProxiScreen also provides individual viewer and foot traffic analytics; no cameras or special WiFi access points to install!

Usage and viewing analytics are available to the business, with individual attribution for each user, for valuable business intelligence.

ProxiScreen provides 2-way interactivity to increase customer engagement, and even offers an add-on for mobile purchase of items seen on signage, without requiring investment in expensive hardware.


    Turn your bland playlists into personalized digital signage for a total WOW experience
    Engage customers for demos, interactive presentations, tutorials, exhibits, signage in their preferred language etc.
    Make your displays ADA - compliant: mount them anywhere and make them wheelchair accessible from a mobile phone
    Avoid expensive large-touchscreen upgrades
    Obtain first-hand opt-in usage data of each viewer
    Works with standalone (non-networked) media players, ideal for brands that do not have access to the retailer's network


We detect proximity between displays and smartphones by using Bluetooth beacon technology already built into smartphones.

Position a small inexpensive Bluetooth beacon near each display.
The ProxiScreen app, or your exiting brand or retal app when we integrate, detects proximity, and retrieves thumbnails of the A/V content you have programmed for each of your displays via our web-based CMS. The end user taps a thumbnail image and the corresponding digital signage starts playout on your signage displays or projectors.

It works with networked displays & media players. With some brands, we can even create a direct connection to phones nearby, without going over the internet. It means that your media player doesn't even need to be networked to still have full functionality (both interactive signage & analytics, since the analytics are gathered from the phones!)



ProMost popular
  • Personalized digital signage
  • Web-based CMS & A/V asset storage
  • Your locations show in ProxiScreen mobile app
  • Individual user analytics
  • Private labeled mobile app
  • Integration in your existing app
  • web API for CMS & analytics integration
  • IOS & Android SDK for mobile integration


Engage customers via digital signage, target personalized content to mobile, and ultimately create an extra revenue channel through mobile. Finally offer on-premise personalization, without large investment since you most likely can use the digital signage hardware you already have!