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ProxiPay-Go Software Components

Digital Signage Player

Our software runs on supported media players and creates dynamic digital signage automatically. Make a change once to a product and it will update both on your signage kiosks and the storefront website, as both are fed from the same backend. Automatically adds a ticker with current news, local weather, and sports, and promotes the products you setup for sale. Choose from available templates to customize your layout, or we can create a unique signage template just for you. Upload an image that is used as part of your customized animated QR code and that points to the web location of the ProxiPay-Go storefront. It animates in the same spot on the kiosk while products change so your customers can easily scan it to purchase from their own phone.

Shop Operator Web Console

Web app for store owner/operator to create a catalog of sellable products/services, and design the look of digital signage to promote them. You can manage multiple shops from your console login, and create sub-accounts for operators with limited access rights.

Storefront mobile website

Based on your store configuration on the Shop Operator Console, the storefront site is automatically populated. It looks as an e-commerce site where customers can select products, create a shopping cart, and checkout. Repeat customers can create their own accounts. But different than e-commerce, we can support payments via physical in-store pay terminals in addition to mobile payments.

Local server

This code runs on the media player and connects in real-time with our backend to create the dynamic digital signage to promote the products/services for sale. Via the media player's LAN connection it also communicates to other peripherals, such a pay terminals and optionally receipt printers.

ProxiPay API

The shop operator console, storefront site, and local server all communicate in real-time amongst each other via our ProxiPay API. This all happens in the background. However the API approach offers the possibility to integrate ProxiPay with existing retail or hospitality software. The ProxiPay API is implemented using GraphQL, the next-generation of API technology beyond REST. Contact us to discuss integration opportunities.