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ProxiPay-Go Compatible Hardware

Monitor or TV

Use any regular TV/monitor, there is no need for a touchscreen as all customer interactivity is via their own mobile phone. It can be a consumer-grade TV/monitor or a professional display. As long as it has HDMI input and support HDTV format, you're good.

Networked media player

At this time we support BrightSign Series-3 & -4 media players.

Pay terminal

At this time we support the P68 device from Payter, which is qualified for contactless payments in unattended operation.

Receipt printer (optional)

You only need a printer if you want to provide printed sales receipts to customers in addition to our default email receipts, or if you want to combine ProxiPay-Go with ProxiPass, our coupon solution that can support both mobile and printed coupons.
At this time we support Star-Micronics thermal receipt printers. (printer support will be available in January 2021, receipts are always sent via email as a default).

All the rest (stands, fixtures etc) is 'gravy': use as much or as little of it as you like to complete your ProxiPay-Go Self-Service Kiosk