ProxiPay-Go™ is the industry's first software solution to easily create multiple 'self service' points for shoppers to buy products or services, in a 100% touchless and contactless fashion, integrating dynamic digital signage, mobile phones, and physical pay terminals.


    Create a shop with products (or services) customers can buy when nearby any of your kiosk displays from their own phone
    Automatically generate great-looking digital signage for each product that you can show on any display
    Handoff from signage to mobile order website via on-screen animated QR codes, no mobile app or connection to WiFi required
    Automatically generate a mobile storefront website with customizable site navigation, shopping carts and checkout
    Integrates with physical payment terminal for customers to finalize order placement via a contactless EMV card transaction
    Designed for unattended kiosk operation


    Skip the line; no more waiting to place in-store orders
    Multiple customers can simultaneously place orders from their phone
    No touchscreen surfaces to touch
    No need for a mobile wallet or tedious entry of payment card information on phone; just tap or swipe a card at a pay terminal
    Works from mobile browser; no mobile app required
    Works as a regular mobile e-commerce site on the internet; no connection to local WiFi required


    Integrated SaaS solution (kiosk signage + mobile commerce + payments)
    Works with any regular display, no touchscreen required, saving $1000s in hardware costs for large-screen setups
    Increase revenue from top-up orders or extra services promoted on on-site large screen displays
    Works independent of your POS: we interact with payment processors to put funds directly into your merchant account
    Create a new 'ProxiPay'-only catalog, or import from your existing POS catalog
    Lower cleaning cost for shop owners vs touchschreen
    No infection liability post-Covid since full contact-less
    More freedom to place displays anywhere while still meeting ADA accessibility requirements
    Use of physical pay terminals avoids higher card-not-present payment transaction fees of e-commerce
    Only requires one of our supported media players and payment terminals; use it with any display you already have
    A single backend for digital signage, kiosk display and mobile website simplifies maintenance


Read about the software components of the solution and compatible hardware, and read our FAQ for answers to common questions.


Prepare to re-open safely post-pandemic by minimizing touch surfaces and offering customers an on-premise self-service checkout experience they've become used to: by using their own phone. Simultaneous checkout reduces wait lines, avoids crowding, improves kiosk throughput, and maximizes ROI of your self-service kiosk investment.