ProxiHost is a proximity-based virtual concierge mobile app that allows an anchor business (e.g. hotel, fitness club), or an entity targeting a community retail network such as a retailer's association, to promote a group of related businesses.

Users create an interest profile and when physically near a matching business, a mobile notification for that business triggers.

ProxiHost allows for serendipitous business discovery by consumers, and thus is the perfect complement to internet search as target customers do not need to know the business in advance. It can also be combined with ProxiPass and ProxiScreen to offer additional opportunities for customer engagement as part of our customer engagement staircase concept. For more information about this concept, read this blogpost.


    Create a 'community' of participating local businesses to leverage physical proximity as a competitive advantage vs e-commerce
    Participating businesses benefit from the customer base of a non-competing anchor businesses. Think of a hotel promoting local restaurants,or a fitness club promoting local sports stores.
    Simple subscription plan, no app to develop, update business content at any time
    Revenue channel for the 'anchor' business & the reseller managing the community of participating businesses


Participating businesses place a small beacon near the entrance of their location. Users with the free ProxiHost mobile app on their phone, or our ProxiHost SDK integrated into the anchor business' mobile app, will receive a mobile push notification when they come nearby a participating business that matches their personal interest profile.

When a user opens the app nearby a location, only content is shown of that business. All content is dynamic, can be changed at any time via our web-based CMS (content management system), and does not require any 'update' action from the user. As a business you can choose from a number of custom layouts that match your business profile. Use it to promote your products of services to target customers who are nearby. When bundled with our ProxiPass solution, you can also promote those in-app.

When not at any participating location, the app offers search & wayfinding to nearby businesses, offering another opportunity for business discovery.


StarterMost popular


  • price per beacon
  • 10 beacon min. ($499/mo)
  • Your community network listed in ProxiHost app (IOS & Android)
  • Zero app development fee
  • Web access to program content for signage & mobile,
  • and to see analytics
ProxiPass & ProxiScreen bundles1+1 = 3 customer engagement
  • Increase your ProxiPass exposure to customers of other businesses
  • Engage ProxiHost users on-premise via digital signage
TurnkeyFor large anchor businesses
  • private labeling
  • integration in your own solution


Retailers need to band together to face the onslaught of e-commerce. Use mobile technology and physical presence to your advantage to draw in new customers. With ProxiHost, customers discover your business without having to do a web search!