Blog Post from September 12, 2019
Introducing is a platform for interaction with your customers based on their proximity to your place of business.

Make every customer feel like a VIP by offering a personalized experience, based on individual sales and physical micro-location.

Leveraging personalized digital signage, mobile location technologies, and data analytics of physical presence and sales receipts, we offer a unique experience to each of your customers, guests or visitors.
Our platform can be applied to retail, hospitality and enterprise environments.

In increasing levels of customer engagement, the components of are:
  • mobile passes that can be personalized and proximity enabled on both Android and IOS devices, all without requiring a mobile app. Remind customers when they come near your place of business with a personalized offer and refresh it at any time with an instant mobile notification. All with rich native mobile content; not just SMS. And did we say it: no mobile app install required.

  • a virtual concierge solution that recommends businesses in the area and drives traffic between them, with mobile notifications when you come in proximity of a participating location that matches an individual’s interest profile

  • our ultimate personalization solution for physical venues: digital signage displays that adapt based on instantaneous viewer demographics. Not aggregate historical data, but based on who is right there, right now, within viewing range. Customers can also actively interact with these displays from their own phone to immediately see what they’re interested in, and drive a mobile purchase.

The different components can be deployed separately but the real power comes from offering an upgrade path, starting from sales analytics only, to gradually increasing levels of customer interaction. We call it the customer engagement staircase:
  • SuperReceipt for passive sales receipt tracking and analytics to improve store performance
  • ProxiPass for targeting visitors when they come near your place of business with mobile push notifications promoting offers or providing a reminder for a loyalty program. This compels a customer to visit your place of business when within ~100 yards. Think of locations in a shopping mall. Furthermore ProxiPass can be combined with SuperReceipt to provide personalized offers based on historical individual sales data. While the solution does not require a mobile app install, there is also no 2-way interaction (the notifications are 'local' only to the customer's device), so there is no 'cross promotion' or 2-way messaging as with our next level.
  • ProxiHost adds business cross promotion and 2-way messaging: an anchor business can promote other businesses (think of a hotel promoting local attractions). Customers of the anchor business can be reminded of these other locations when they come nearby any of them. This opens up an additional revenue channel for the anchor business. ProxiHost can then be combined with ProxiPass to show the mobile passes of different businesses within the app. Customers install the passes they're interested in. Via the ProxiHost mobile app, now 2-way communication is possible with dynamic content. Network-based 2-way messaging is possible, and location analytics is gathered once the visitors arrives on-premise.
  • ProxiScreen adds to ProxiHost immersive on-premise 2-way interaction and personalization beyond the smartphone. When a visitor enters a participating business, digital signage screens can adjust their content automatically based on the profiles (e.g. historical sales patterns) of current visitors. Moreover visitors can use their smartphone to see the content they're interested in. Think of interactive digital menus at restaurants or bars, interactive product information screens, or custom exhibit tours etc. is our platform integrating location & sales data, mobile and digital signage, and is patent-granted to Sophatar.

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If you're a reseller we offer an opportunity for recurring sales commissions on our SaaS plans.

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