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Press Release - Sophatar launches ProxiScreen proximity signage; NEC-Display integrates Sophatar's SuperReceipt API to Access Sales Data from Virtually Any Point-of-Sale

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At the Digital Signage Expo (DSE), March 27-28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sophatar is launching its new proximity digital signage as ProxiScreen.

ProxiScreen is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that turns any digital signage display into an interactive and personalized digital experience with content targeted to the interest profiles of viewers in front of the screen. But unlike audience measurement, it is 2-way interactive: viewers can also use their own phone to select from available digital signage content when near a ProxiScreen-enabled display.

New are mobile SDKs for IOS and Android to integrate ProxiScreen functionality into existing retailer / brand mobile apps, and also a web API to provide ProxiScreen as an enhancement software layer to existing cloud based CMS's (content management systems) to convert static playlist signage into mobile interactive experiences, and provide individualized opt-in viewer analytics.

More information about ProxiScreen can be found at At DSE, a live demo will be shown at Sophatar booth#2038.

NEC, one of the world's top digital signage solution providers, has integrated Sophatar's SuperReceipt API into its ALP (Analytics Learning Platform) business intelligence platform. SuperReceipt is a web API that enhances ALP with structured sales data obtained from printed sales receipts from Star-Micronics receipt printers.

At NEC booth#2300, a live demo will show store traffic to point-of-sale (POS) sales conversion. This is enabled by the SuperReceipt API which converts printed receipt images, uploaded by POS receipt printers to the cloud, to structured sales data, in near real-time.

Richard Ventura, VP of Strategic Management, NEC Display Solutions of Ameria says:
"We are excited about integrating Sophatar’s SuperReceipt API into the power of the NEC ALP platform. The ability to provide transaction and store conversion data in near-real time, without direct integration into a PoS, embodies the flexibility and depth of ALP. The NEC Analytic Learning Platform (ALP) optimizes message delivery with automated content creation and recommendations using AI-based analytics, enabling retailers to customize content based on non-identifying demographic data."
Sophatar will also be showing its solution for handing off digital signage content to mobile without requiring customers to install a mobile app. Mobile content can be kept in sync with digital signage content to continue engaging customers after they leave the premises. Furthermore, with support for location-based one-on-one mobile push notifications, this enables personalized content updates (possibly based on sales data obtained via SuperReceipt). In-store mobile coupon and loyalty redemptions are also integrated with the receipt printer and work across POS systems.

If you're attending DSE, be sure to stop by Sophatar booth #2038!

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