Blog Post from March 23, 2018
How to Increase Basket Size with Digital Signage

We live in a world where digital signage is all around us and where consuming content on screens is ubiquitous to our urban and cosmopolitan experience. Omnichannel experiences in today’s world power the retail experiences of tomorrow. As retail tech advances, it’s getting cheaper to implement digital signage in stores to easily get the attention of consumers and prospective customers.

At Sophatar Inc., we’re in the business of creating the most engaging and convenient digital signage. We specialize in solutions for the likes of retail, mall locations, hospitality and grocery store environments. We offer:
  • An easy and affordable solution for in-store digital signage.
  • Fresh dynamically-generated content for screens in-store that boosts the most relevant offers.
  • A subscription service, Sophatar® POS Signage™, in association with Star Micronics.
  • Solutions that improve mobile-customer engagement in-store with loyalty and coupon experiences.

Increasing the Basket Size of Every Shopper

Being able to implement digital signage that’s dynamic, contextual and designed to increase basket size at retail and hospitality locations means brick-and-mortar stores as well as public venues can create powerful incentivized calls-to-action. These visual CTAs can lead to larger basket sizes of up to a 35% lift in sales.
  • Driving higher revenue per customer and increasing lifetime customer value.
  • Creating deals of the day incentives for shoppers to drive customer loyalty.
  • Building customer engagement tech in-store that nurtures customer experiences without breaking the bank.
At Sophatar Inc., we’ve simplified how digital signage can automatically generatecontent for visitors to retail and hospitality locations. Paired with POS data, CTAs and customer engagement can also be optimized via mobile campaigns. As we can retrieve images based on UPC codes, retailers don’t even require images of their products, and our rates are affordable to all sizes of venues and retailers as we augment experiences on site and in-store.

A Rising Digital Signage Startup

We are actively attending events and partnering with big players in the industry. Sophatar is an exhibitor at the Digital Signage Expo, March 29–30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Come see our interactive and personalized digital signage demos. We’ve recently made more announcements of our new and latest partnerships in the industry, building on our existing partnerships with the likes of digital signage leader BrightSign and POS tech manufacturer Star Micronics via the Star Micronics Cloud.

We’re proving that in 2018 digital signage is getting smarter and cheaper as the retail and hospitality industries continue to adopt tech that elevates in-store interactions that improve customer experiences and lead to higher ROI. That digital signage offers lead to higher order sizes for retailers is understandable when we consider the consumer habits of millennial shoppers and their increasing impact on stores and physical locations.

Stay tuned as we blog on the benefits of digital signage to retail stores in more detail in the weeks ahead. We’re being featured in the New Product Showcase at the Digital Signage Expo.

Come and visit us at booth #1954.

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